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Consultant / Curator / Presenter Writer

Prior to coming to Hawaii in 1978 Caroline lived and worked in the New York City area for many years. Her  positions included: Research Assistant with the Indian Delegation to the United Nations for 10 General Assemblies; Coordinator at the Poetry Center of the 92nd St. YMHA and then Long Island Coordinator for the New York State Program “Poets & Writers In the Schools”;  MCaroline’s knowledge of Oceanic art  proved timely as a volunteer at the Robert Goldwater Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art prior to the opening of the Michael Rockefeller Wing of Oceanic Art. 

She is currently a member of the Bishop Museum Association Council and the Pacific Arts Association.


“I recall with great appreciation your lecture on Micronesia, which set a high bar for the rest of us...

Mainly because you blended your scholarship with your humanity better than the others...

You are a real adventurer lady, a quality I have long admired!

I am not just a little jealous for the places you have been...I am not doing so bad, but I know you have me beat in many fascinating parts of the globe!”


Travel well my friend!

Thomas Murray: Collector/Dealer<>
Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 9:52 PM


San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show Symposium; Greatest Oceanic Art: Arguing Aesthetics on Pacific Art  (Micronesian Art) Section, presented by Friends of Ethnic Arts.


Pacific Arts Association Symposium: “The Revival and Revitalization of Marshall Island Jaki-ed Mats” Vancouver, BC


Bowers Museum Collectors Council, Los Angeles, CA

Roads Scholar, Kailua, HI


Adventurer’s Club, Honolulu

Thailand Silk Weavings

Marshall Islands Clothing Mats:


In Connection with Film Showings 

Outrigger Canoe Club, Honolulu:

Honolulu Museum of Art

East West Center, U.H. Honolulu

Festivals of Pacific Art@ Palau, Samoa

Elderhostel/Hawaii Pacific University groups
Pacific Discipline-Based Art Education Teacher Conferences, Pacific Basin Conference, TAPPA The Association for the Preservation of Pacific Arts; Docents at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Kapiolani Community College Pacific Festival, Close Up Foundation, East-West Center, Univ. of Hawaii @ West Oahu


Her clients include:

Pacific Exhibit, Honolulu Museum of Art

Art Gallery, East West Center, University of Hawaii @ Manoa

Susan Lerer Appraiser and Collector, Los Angeles
The Council on Foreign Relations, New York City, N. Y.
Pacific Islands Association, New York
Staff Associate, Robert Goldwater Library of Primitive Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Assistant to the Director
Fine Arts Museum of Long Island


Art from the Pacific Pathways Collection was included in these Exhibits many of which Caroline also helped curate:


The Outrigger Waikiki and Reef Hotels, Honolulu;

“Celebrate Micronesia” at the Honolulu Museum of Art and the Bishop Museum; The Art of War, Hawaii Loa College, Kaneohe, HI and:

Ethnic Arts
Berkeley, CA
Pacific Food & Art
Kapiolani Community College
Honolulu, HI 1998
East-West Center
Honolulu, 1996
Invoking the Spirits
Leeward Community College 1996
Writer :

*The Festival of Pacific Arts: Edited by Karen Stevenson & Katenna Teaiwa (photo)

Chapter On “Cultural Festivals or Dynamic Cultural Contact Zones”  with Jackie Lewis-HarrisPh.d

*Pacific Magazine

Interview with President Reagan on US Pacific Policy (photo)

“Development Programs That Work “Nov./Dec. l982

Pacific Island Travelogue May-June 2016 Blog with Kayla Rosenthal:  wildrose


Clothing Mats of the Marshall Islands Irene J Taafaki and Maria Kabua Fowler


Indonesia Art Minge Museum Chapter on Melanesian Masks


Pacific Islands Report Website with Al Hulson@ the East West Center

Reports on Festivals of Pacific Arts

Coverage of Hawaii International Film Festivals

Pacific Arts Association Journal

Magic Stones

Coverage of Festival of Pacific arts in New Caledonia 2000

“The 8th Festival of Pacific Arts, Noumea,New Caledonia”

The Courier
The magazine of ACP-EU development cooperation, Brussels May/June 2001


Selected Publications:

The Courier
The magazine of ACP-EU development cooperation, Brussels May/June 2001
“The 8th Festival of Pacific Arts, Noumea,New Caledonia”

Pacific Islands Report Website
Reports on 8th Festival of Pacific Arts, New Caledonia
2000 Coverage of Hawaii International Film Festival

Honolulu Star Bulletin & Advertiser:

“U.S. Pacific Islands Treaties” Op Ed Piece June 19,198

“Four Women Hike Koke’e, Kauai” Travel Section 9 June 2001

“O’Bon Dancing” Island Voices 8 August l999:on “U.S. Pacific Islands Treaties” Op Ed Piece June 19,198

Pacific Magazine
Hawaii International Film Festival Review March 2001
“Interview with President Reagan on
U.S. Pacific Islands Policy” May/June l984
“Development Programs That Work “Nov./Dec. l982
“Yap, Traditions and Progress” April 1983
“Papua New Guinea's Sepik River Art” Jan/ Feb. 1982

Pacific Pathways • Caroline Yacoe • 223 Paiko Drive • Honolulu, Hawaii 96821 • Phone/Text (808) 384-5438 • e-mail:
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