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Pacific Pathways • Caroline Yacoe • 223 Paiko Drive • Honolulu, Hawaii 96821 • Phone/Text (808) 384-5438 • e-mail:
General Contact Information for


223 Paiko Drive Honolulu, Hawaii 96821, USA



1-808 384-5438

(Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone) 

5/6 hours behind East Coast US and 12 hours behind Europe



Collectors of art, especially of tribal art, may well regard themselves as temporary custodians of the objects in their care, which were made in other times and places to change other poeple's lives and have since become part of our lives. In time, they will become part of someone else's."

- Editor, Tribal Arts Spring 1998

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Parcours des Mondes, Paris, 2021

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